Infinite Worlds

“There are infinite worlds both like and unlike this world of ours. For the atoms being infinite in number…are borne on far out into space.” Epicurus

“One only force, LOVE, links Infinite Worlds and makes them alive.” Giordano Bruno.
I also think that each one of us is one beautiful interesting world traveling together towards infinity connected by the light of Love and Wisdom.

This is what this Mandala represents for me. The moment I finished working on it, I saw it as the perfect expression of who we all are. You can read more about the process of making it Here.

Through consciousness, I understand that each one of us is a complete world formed by our experiences which are then interpreted by our unique mind, as a result of our childhood education and the environment that has surrounded us during our growth.

We have formed beliefs, we have acquired knowledge from our practices and various works and jobs, we have formed relationships, but no one is alike, no one can truly say that has exactly the same wholeness like someone else, not even twins who have grown together.

The interpretation and perspective each one has with regards to life and the world are unique. We may choose to align with certain movements and views that resonate with our Nature in a determined moment of our life, or constantly.Infinite Worlds Mandala

But just like each one of this bubbles, we are together, we are travelling together aligned by an invisible structure, united by an invisible energy that is common to us all, regardless how separated we may feel.

You may also say fear is a common trait, but in fact fear is a result of a mental reaction to a perceived immediate danger which causes separation, whereas when we are able to experience silence, beyond our minds, when we become sensitive enough and attune ourselves, with whatever means, to such frequencies, then We are One.

It is something that unites us all, whether we like or not, we want it or not, when that spark becomes alive within our heart, beyond any reasoning and judgment, we cannot but smile and enter a different dimension, and our heart softens.

I have come to believe that like this Mandala, as unique beings experiencing life, we are already surrounded by light, and there is a part of our being that is already experiencing such a higher dimension, but for one reason or another, the challenges we have to face every day related to our environment or when our survival needs are not met, can create a tendency towards that negativity and heavy thoughts, thus recreating constantly a reality of separation.

I do not believe in darkness and evil as part of creation. It is not part of the programming of existence. The more we discover and learn the complexities and the interconnectedness of each part of existence, the more we understand that the so-called Evil and suffering in the world stems from disease, either from biological and physiological genetic dysfunctions aggravated by the environment or by the lack of the fundamental elements that our bodies and mind need, to grow into healthy, mentally stable and compassionate beings.

There are already many studies in relation to the behaviour of the cruelest people in the world’s history. Many are due to have lacked the necessary conditions for their body and brain to grow healthy,  thus formed biological, physical and as a result mental diseases that made them do what they did. How a psychopath is made

My hope is that because we are together and inter-connected, this beautiful light will help us, through the expansion of our knowledge, to understand each other more, dissipating ignorance and unfounded myths, that prevent us to apply the solutions that are needed to correct these problems for that future we all crave.

By browsing the internet I also found different theories in Quantum Physics related to parallel Universes and Many Worlds theory. Where each one of us is represented in different worlds happening at the same time with a slight variation.Many Worlds Theory

Attractive thoughts and suppositions which could create endless discussions so better to leave them for another post. But would love to know your opinion.




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