Circles of Creation

“If you look at the Creation of the Earth, you’ll see that all forces of physics combine to create an ebb and flow that keeps everything running in a continuous, harmonious Circle of Life.”
Amy Leigh Mercree

The Milk Hill Galaxy Spiral was a huge spiral with 6 connecting arms, made from 409 individual circles! It measured a whopping 1000ft (approx.) in diameter. It is the largest geometrically complex formation of all time“. Temporary Temples

Image from

This is one of my favorite Crop Circle. It was so much fun finding the structure behind that has formed it.

It did trick me at the beginning, thinking it would be very simple to draw and also influenced by various articles I read. They state it is based on  “what is known as a triskelion – a motif consisting of three interlocking spirals. The symbol has been seen throughout history and across multiple cultures dating back thousands of years.” (Collective Evolution)(Live Science)

So I went on drawing Spirals, but the end results did not coincide with the Crop Circle. After careful observation of the videos on youtube, I was able to notice a line intersecting all the circles through the middle, in fact forming what is called in Sacred Geometry, the Seed of Life. Considered the Universal Symbol of Creation.
And from there I was able to add the circles in ascending and descending order.

Image from

I do not know why they say it is based on a triskelion as to me it does not look like it at all. But I am sure they are better experts than me! Lol.

Triskelion –Wikipedia





Art by Runrookie101 –

This is The Seed of Life but to be able to draw the circles for the Crop formation the central axis needed to be tilted slightly on the right, just like the Axis of the Earth.drawing seed of life

milk hill crop circle


milk hill galaxy crop circle art by sunfreestar
Background Image courtesy of Rodion-Kutsaev at

When I look at it I feel a movement of energy continuously pulsing. The little circles at the sides make me think of atoms, the base of all creation.

choosing colors

I chose these colors because they represent our emotions and the different energies you find in Nature. I tried various combinations but this is the only one that made sense and in alignment with the feelings that it inspired.


All I know is that it sparks my creativity when I look at it. Infinite wave upon wave of pure energy continuously forming and transforming.

As always at this point, I wish I was a poet or a writer, able to express those words that are present on the tip of my tongue when I look at it, but cannot translate them into known words.

Maybe any of you can? Would love to know which words would you use to describe it in the comments below. Thank You for reading!






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