The Healing Effects Of the Color Orange

The sky takes on shades of orange during sunrise and sunset, the colour that gives you hope that the sun will set only to rise again.”
Ram Charan

To celebrate the beginning of Fall and the Autumn Equinox on the 22nd September, I felt like writing about this beautiful color and how it can help us overcome challenging times.

We begin to see hints of orange a little bit everywhere now, from Pumpkins going into Halloween, Thanksgiving and Fall Home Decor, it is a cozy and yet vibrant color that gives us a feeling of warmth.

Oranges and mandarines are the fruits of Winter, just when we need more Vitamin C to boost our immune system.

Nature knows what is good for our well being each time of the year.

The reason colors affect our emotions and well being is because our bodies are sensitive to frequencies.

Light and thus colors vibrate at different frequencies, just like sound or music, so each one evokes and inspire us a unique feeling.( )

Such was the understanding of many ancient artists and the importance of their works.

This is also why spending time in Nature has such a powerful healing effect on our wellbeing. The high frequencies that emanate from the natural environment connect with our body’s electromagnetic field and little by little restore its natural frequencies.

The colors and sound our body perceives on a subconscious level make it relax and rejoice.


Orange is a vibrant color derived from mixing Red and Yellow. It contains the properties of each one.

Red is passion and strength, yellow is happiness and confidence.

  • Orange is one of those colors that when we feel run down, with a lack of creativity or motivation, it gives us that push and extra energy that we need to boost our self-esteem and mental energy.
  • It relates to ‘gut reaction’ or our gut instincts. It helps us to bounce back from disappointments and despair, assisting in recovery from grief. Orange brings spontaneity and a positive outlook on life and is a great color to use during tough economic times, keeping us motivated and helping us to look on the bright side of life.
  • Orange increases oxygen supply to the brain, produces an invigorating effect, and stimulates mental activity.
  • In heraldry, orange is symbolic of strength and endurance.
  • It is the color that gives you shelter in tough moments, by not allowing you to sink into grief or disappointment. It brings a high degree of positivism, always rejuvenating us in the most difficult moments.
Who does not enjoy looking at a sunset, especially when there are happy clouds here and there which magically turn into different shades of orange and reds towards the end?

We should use the great and invigorating benefits of the orange color every day, even if it is just a small object, like a mug or a pen, which we use in our daily tasks.

And this is one of the reason that inspired me to make this painting just at the beginning of Autumn. Wanting to feel the warmth of the Sun and the coziness of Home through Orange, Reds and Golds.

Whenever I feel stuck creatively or my energy is getting low, I am naturally drawn to use Orange, either through my Art, or through cooking, clothing or observing beautiful pictures.

Orange with hints of gold represent vitality and self-control.

Physical Effects

  • Orange stimulates the appetite, increases energy level, and even stimulates the thyroid to boost metabolism.
  • We associate orange with high energy and with a vibrant social environment. Orange is an active color, so we respond to it with heightened emotions, increased activity, and sharper awareness of our surroundings. We think of orange as saucy, vibrant, and fun.
  • It aids rheumatism, arthritis and exhaustion.
  • It relieves bladder and kidney problems, food allergies and eating disorders.

I was experimenting with one quadrant and something beautiful came out and offered them for sale as prints on Canvas, Posters, and other products at Zazzle. You can look at the Collection from the link below the image.

Colors are excellent to convey a message in branding and design too. It transmits feelings of friendliness and cheerfulness, which is great for artists or creatives.

Orange is also the color of the Second Chakra, called the Sacral Chakra.

Chakras are energy centers within the body that help to regulate all its processes. Each chakra governs specific functions and is represented by one of the seven chakra colors. In the Ayurveda it is used to find balance and healing.

It is located two inches below your belly button and is represented by the color orange. “This chakra governs your emotions, your creativity, sensitivity, sexuality, intimacy, emotional well-being, and self-expression,”

WHEN THIS CHAKRA IS BLOCKED we experience: Guilt, stiff lower back, restlessness, confusion and lack of desire or pleasure. (

Clicking on the link on each image will take you to Red Bubble, where you can discover more products with this Design.

The Birthstone for anyone born in November is Topaz and Citrine, which has an orange hue, and is a symbol of friendship and strength.

I would love you to share in the comments below, what does the color Orange inspires you, and do you find any healing benefits by looking at it?


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