Hi, I’m Sonia, creator of SunFreeStar, an Artist and Designer, passionate about Nature, Mandalas, and joyful, bright, bold designs to brighten your day.

I love to create meaningful art that inspires your Spirit and connects you to Nature.

sunfreestar profile picture with eagle painting

I enjoy creating Art because it makes me focus on the Beauty, Harmony, and Perfection of Nature. I am then filled with positive emotions that inspire me to overcome life’s challenges.

A piece of Art is much more than just an image, it inspires an emotion, a particular state of being, that is beyond a logical explanation. It is when you are in the comfort of your home or in your daily routine that you need a reminder that brings you back to Peace, helping you make better decisions for yourself, your loved ones, and as a result for the rest of the world.

Shining Three Pieces Sun Mandala Painting

So Art, as a form of expression of Beauty, becomes that gateway, that point of inspiration that makes you act towards a goal. I want people to have these art pieces on the wall of their homes to give them the strength and inspiration to pursue their dreams because this is what SunFreeStar is all about.

I believe Beauty will save the world, but one needs to be in a state of Peace from within before Beauty can be recognized. SunFreeStar has been created to bring that peace of mind that nourishes your soul and helps you approach life’s challenges from a different perspective.

I present my thoughts and experiences through, Original Paintings, Prints, Designs, and Blog Posts.

Infinity Inspirational Quote

Three elements inspired the name:
Sun = the provider of energy and light.
Free = freedom to follow your own inner voice.
Star = the special shining light within you.

Altogether it represents the freedom to shine with your unique colors and live accordingly, sharing your beautiful gifts in line with the rhythm and laws of Nature.

I was born in Ethiopia, but my origins are Italian. I have lived in Rome for the past 11 years. My passion for Art began during my teenage years.

My family has been in Ethiopia since my great-grandfather.
A few years after I was born, a war determined a new Military Dictatorship Regime, making us live with background tension until we left the country. We then moved to what was supposed to be my homeland, Italy, except that I had never been there. Because of my different background, which no one had heard of, I felt like a stranger.
And as a sensitive child, an unsupportive environment would influence my motivation and attitude so much that I would end up doing nothing and receive low grades.

Until we moved to Kenya, at the age of 15, and my new Art Teacher appreciated my work so much that I began to comprehend the value of what had always seemed natural and effortless to me. Her encouragement over the years became a ray of light that lifted me out of apathy.

Photo of a Sunflower in a field
Photo of a Dandelion Flower

I grew to enjoy the act of creating. The entire world around me became a study of how I could capture what my eyes were seeing on canvas. I became a keen observer of all the little details, such as shadows, lights, colors, and so on. I fell in love with the natural world’s beauty and perfection, and I began to understand and value its preciousness, as well as the calm and peace it gave me. Thus, metaphysical questions about the nature of creation, the Great Architect, and God arose, which inevitably led to spiritual exploration and personal development.

Art then became my companion and haven, keeping me connected to my Inner Self. At the time I never thought of having an Art Career, I did not want to go to University, preferring instead to become financially independent first.

I worked in the tourism industry, which required me to travel to different countries, and art remained my little refuge until I was in my 30s and moved to Ibiza, Spain. Meeting other lovely Artists there showed me that I could devote my life to various expressions of Art as a way of life, even if it meant leaving a stable income and a comfortable life.

Later in the years, I discovered Mandalas and Sacred Geometry as a tool for healing. Performing all of the calculations, and seeing a perfect image appear in front of my eyes was like magic. They would bring calm and security where there was confusion and uncertainty, but most importantly, order, clarity, and balance, which I lacked at the time.

I began to appreciate and comprehend the hidden structure behind the Perfection of Creation and the reason for Beauty and Harmony.

Through Art, I understand that life is a journey and it is a constant reminder that challenges are necessary for the process I am going through to acquire awareness and knowledge.

beautiful pink flower

I hope to bring more peace and unity to the world by shifting people’s focus to the beauty of their spiritual connection to Nature and the sacredness of the soul, with each piece of my original art.

I currently live on the outskirts of Rome, Italy, with my parents and two lovely young cats that honored us with their presence last year. I dream of living immersed in Nature again one day, as I was when I lived in my Camper Van for many years. However, I am also grateful and appreciate where I am now, looking at lovely olive trees and countryside, with easy access to beautiful parks and Nature.

I occupy a small place full of Sunshine that I call “my studio” although it belongs to the whole building. There I find peace and tranquility, which enables me to manifest any vision that wants to come forward at each moment.

How I Have Added Value In People’s Life

Since deciding to devote my life to art, the focus of my artistic experience has been to awaken people to their inner selves and Sacred connection to Nature through an immersive art experience. I’ve been involved in and created many projects for cultural festivals where visual arts and music in a natural setting created an atmosphere that helped people feel peaceful and joyful emotions, giving them a new perspective on life. By experiencing an alternative way of living during those moments with us, they would create change in their lives to reflect those feelings.

Based on my experience, the right kind of music, when unable to quiet the mind, combined with a type of artwork as decoration, creates an atmosphere that aids in reaching that higher frequency of positive and peaceful emotions that give meaning to life and make it worth living.

sunfreestar painting

Everything starts with a Vision that comes from a particular moment, either during one of my walks in Nature, a conversation, reading an article, or listening to music.

I then sit quietly and meditate on that vision to feel the colors I wish to use and what materials I will need. If there is a particular subject, I prepare a few sketches, a new Mandala, an animal, or a flower: otherwise, I just let my hands go on their own. Everything else reveals itself during the process. The final result often will differ from the initial vision or what my mind thought. Still, it is always better and more in tune with the initial intention and feeling.

I have used different mediums and materials; my preference now is oil paints made with natural pigments and watercolors. Driven by sustainability, I use as many natural materials as possible to avoid toxic substances that could harm the environment, health, or the home.

Thank you for visiting and spending some time getting to know my world.

May it inspire you to Shine your Beautiful Light into the World.

You can visit   Portfolio where you can see my creations and the process behind it,

What are Mandalas to discover more about them,

The blog where I share my experiences and thoughts,

Inspirational Quotes with my own photography of special moments in Nature, to help you in your journey,

Shop where you will find the links to the sites to buy my designs.


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